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Information for Applicants

Ok! You've taken the first step and have submitted your application. What's next?
Please make sure to submit all of your documents by the deadline. Our application checklist will help you with this process. For your convenience, we have checklists in the following languages:
IEP Information in English IEP información en español
Informação do IEP em português Informations IEP en français
معلومات IEPباللغة العربية اطلاعات IEP در فارسی
IEP информация на русском языке Thông tin về tiếng Việt
IEP信息打印简体中文 IEP傳統中文信息
Informasi IEP dalam bahasa indonesia IEP 集中英語プログラム

Please note that the IEP is no longer offering the TOEFL ITP (Exit Exam) as an alternative to admission to the University. However, TOEFL has introduced at-home version of the TOEFL iBT that the University is accepting for admission.