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International Health Insurance

The vendor for the international insurance policy is Wellfleet.

All undergraduate and graduate international students are automatically enrolled in the international insurance policy and premium costs are added to a student’s tuition fees each fall and spring semester.

International students who have comparable coverage through their own insurance provider can waive this insurance coverage by completing an online waiver on Wellfleet’s website. Students must complete an online waiver by the waiver deadline each fall and spring semester in order to waive insurance coverage.

Waiver/Enrollment Period Deadline Dates
Spring 2022 Semester February 9, 2022
Summer 2022 Semester June 29, 2022
Fall 2022 Semester September 17, 2022




J-1 scholars can purchase Wellfleet health insurance coverage that meets the U.S. Department of State's requirments on the following website by by enrollment period deadline dates.

International students can purchase health insurance coverage for their dependents (spouse or child) on Wellfleet’s website by enrollment period deadline dates.

To access insurance cards, file claims and waive insurance coverage please visit Wellfleet’s website. Information on benefits and coverage can also be found on the website or by contacting the Customer Service Center at (877) 657-5030.

Students can also contact Student Health Services ( or the Division of Global Engagement at (