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Application & Admission

We welcome applications from anyone who has completed high school, is in good immigration and financial standing and who is not currently on academic or disciplinary probation. We do not require a TOEFL score for admission. Please apply before the deadline. To apply, please complete our online applicationFor a list of required documents, please see the IEP Application Checklist.

No SEVIS I-20AB will be issued without submission of the following:

  • Online application
  • $50 application fee
  • Transcripts (high school and/or all colleges attended) with English translations - including proof of high school graduation
  • Financial Information Form and supporting bank statement of minimum of $5,210 (cost of an 8-week IEP session) - Required for F-1 or J-1 visa applicants/holders
  • Passport photo page
  • Immunization Form & proof of COVID vaccine or signed waiver

Application Fees

A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 (USD only) is required and must be paid by credit/debt card through Eventbrite. Once an application has been received, our office will send the applicant an Eventbrite link to pay the application fee. Applications may be deferred up to one consecutive semester without repayment of application fee.

Financial Information (F-1 and J-1 visas only)

The Financial Information Form must fully completed and submitted with bank statements.  Currency conversion to USD ($) is preferred.

Bank statements must:

  • stipulate exact amount available for education (no less than $5,210)
  • be issued in English
  • be liquid funding (checking or savings accounts only. Investment funding is not accepted.)
  • be no more than 6 months old from the student's start date in the IEP.

For dependents to be included on the SEVIS I-20AB, add $2,000 (spouse) or $1,000 (per child). Marriage certificates (for spouses) and birth certificates (for children) with official English translations are required to issue dependent I-20s.

Sponsored Students (SACM, Oman, MINPET, etc.) must provide letters from their sponsoring organization that states that the sponsor will support the student during his/her studies in the IEP.


Immunization records (Immunization Form with Sections A or B and Section C: Parts I & II completed) must be submitted prior to the issuance of a SEVIS I-20AB and/or admissions letter. Completed and approved immunization records are required for all students prior to admission. Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), tetanus, and meningitis vaccines and tuberculosis skin tests are required. Students may attach copies of their immunization cards to the Immunization Form, but completion of the form is required. All records must be translated into English. Please see the Immunization Form for details. The tuberculosis skin test is required for  international students who meet the criteria listed on the form. UL Lafayette Student Health Services does not offer vaccinations; therefore, it is best to obtain vaccinations prior to entering the U.S. as they can be very costly. UL Lafayette students will be required to provide proof of all required vaccines, a physician’s certification that the vaccine is medically contraindicated, or a written dissent. For more information, visit the Office of Student Health Service's website.


UL Lafayette does offer on campus housing to single students. Married housing is not always available. If you are interested in housing, please indicate that on your IEP application. Once you have been admitted to the IEP, you will be eligible to apply for housing and will be assisted with the process. A housing deposit of $100.00 and a $100.00 application fee is required if you plan to live on campus. For more information, contact Lafayette also has many apartments available near campus.

Conditional Admission

Conditional admission (admission to the University after successfully completing the IEP) is available for undergraduate programs only. The Graduate School requires additional examinations prior to granting admission. High school transcripts (all years) and transcripts of ALL colleges or universities attended are required to determine if a student is conditionally admissible. If you intend to enroll in an undergraduate program after completing the IEP, please bring your official high school diploma and transcripts in a sealed envelope when you come to the U.S. These will be required in order to enroll at the University.  Any student applying for conditional admission to an undergraduate program is required to fully complete the Chronological Record of Education Form. This form is not required for those who do not need conditional admission to the University.

Immigration Requirements

All students must submit a copy of their passport (for dual citizenship, submit the passport that will be used to enter the U.S.), visa (for students in the U.S.), permanent residency card, proof of U.S. citizenship (passport or naturalization certificate), or asylee/refugee or DACA documentation. Please be advised that tourist visas (B1 and B2) cannot be used for study in the IEP. Students with F-2 visas (and primary work visas) are allowed to study part-time only. The process for applying for an F-1 visa can take time, so make sure to apply well in advance of the session you plan to attend.

Transfer Students

Students who transfer from U.S. schools must be in good immigration standing. Students who are currently on academic or disciplinary probation or suspension at their current school or who are ineligible to return to their previous school are not eligible to enroll in the IEP. An Eligibility to Enroll Form will be sent to the DSO at the student's current school and must be submitted by the DSO before transfer applications can be processed. All transfer students will be required to submit a Transfer-In Form once they have been admitted. This form is required in order to transfer a student's I-20 to UL Lafayette's Intensive English Program. Please note that this form should not be submitted until a student has received an admission letter from UL Lafayette's Intensive English Program.

Returning Students

Returning students who skip only one session can reenroll after completing the Registration for Current & Returning Students Form. Students who miss more than one 8-week sessions are required to reapply for admission by completing the online application. An application fee of $50 is also required. Students may also be required to provide updated credentials, immigration and/or financial information (for F-1 or J-1 students). Students who miss more than one 8-week session will also be required to retake the placement examinations.